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Author note

For those of you patiently awaiting the final installment of the Fight for Survival Series, this note is for you!

I know I’ve kept the releases pretty close in the past, but over these last few months, I’ve learned that finishing a trilogy is harder than I would have expected.

As so many of you have fallen in love with these characters and their story, I’ve wanted to give this ending the justice that it deserves.

Therefore, I’ve been carefully planning and plotting, taking extra time to rest my brain and make sure the direction I want to take it is the direction that will be the one all of you will enjoy the most.

I can honestly say I have finally settled on it’s basic points after going back and forth with different ideas for months! I am truly excited to bring it to life after so many hours of consideration with this series.

With that being said, I cannot give a realistic release point at this time. I want to get it out to all of you as fast as I can, but the truth is, I also want it to be the masterpiece it’s meant to be. With my busy personal schedule, that means taking time to rest so I’m not writing hot garbage most times.

I’m hoping now that these plot points have been settled, things will run much smoother. But the editing process is no short of its own challenge.

What I can tell you is, I do hope the book will be ready for release in 2024. I just don’t know when exactly during the year it will be.


Thank you all for your continued support, and I cannot wait for everything yet to come.



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IR Staff about It Starts With Me

Originally found on IndieReader                                                                              Read the full review here

"...A brutal dystopian tale tempered by the endearing bond between an older teen and her beloved dog."


Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong


My book recommendation this month is for Chloe Gong's Immortal Longings. To be honest, it really is just the Hunger Games with a few new fantastical twists, but my professor once told me, "There are no new stories, just new was of telling them," and that's exactly what Gong has done here.

This book is considered a fantasy because of the magic involved, but it has heavy dystopian vibes. The setting is in twin cites named San-Er and it's a dystopian city if I've ever seen one. So if dystopian is your vibe (which it should be if you're here!), then this book is a great new read. The fantasy/dystopian crossover is now one of my favorite genres!


When I do book recommendations or reviews, I don't go into detail. I do this on purpose. So please, just go read the description of this book and let it speak for itself. But I will tell you, I'd give it five out of five!

Go searching for your reason to write. Look high, and look low, look near or far. But please never stop searching!

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