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Runaway Character Notes

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

When I was in the brainstorming stage for It Starts With Me, I found a "Character Outline" page that gave ideas on what things to think about to deeply develop your characters. I felt like maybe there were others out there that were looking for something to help them along, so the list at the bottom of the page is what I had used to create a more "solid" background for my characters.

Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to create something along the lines of a "Wiki Bio" for each of the characters of It Starts With Me.

As a reader first and foremost, I think of the odd, yet interesting, things that I would like for my favorite books. With that in mind, I decided to share the early development of my characters with you!

Notice how I try to keep their descriptions to a minimum. For me, when I read, I know that I picture characters however the hell I want to, and sometimes I picture myself as the main protagonist. Therefore, I wanted to keep it light for everyone out there who does the same thing as me! They'd be beautiful no matter how you describe them!

This one is for early Amity!

Name: Amity "M" Thorne

Age/Birthday:19 (going on 20), November 8th.

General Physical Description: Unassuming, plain, grey eyes, dark hair.

Hometown: Burns, Oregon

Relationship Status: There's no time for that

Current Family: Sergeant "Sarge" Thorne (dog), Emma "Little M" Thorne (sister), Mark Thorne (father)

Friends/Other Close Relationships: Nonexistent since the death of her mother

Favorite Pass-Times/Hobbies: Writing

Ambitions: Get through another day (previously it was to become a writer)

Philosophy of Life: End things before they end you


Name: Emma "Little M" Thorne

Age/Birthday: 8 (about to be 9), September 23rd.

General Physical Description: Golden hair, bright blue eyes, "perfect"

Hometown: Burns, Oregon

Current Family: Sergeant "Sarge" Thorne, Amity "M" Thorne, Mark Thorne

Friends/Other Close Relationships: Never really had the chance

Favorite Pass-Times/Hobbies: Playing with Sarge, hanging with Amity

On to the next one!

Name: Lucas "Luke" Warin

Age/Birthday: Freshly 26, April 14th

General Physical Description: Defined, attractive, slanted nose, hazel eyes.

Hometown: Parker, Arizona

Relationship Status: Feelings are scary sometimes

Current Family: Lily Warin (sister), Janet Warin (stepmother), Paul Warin (father)

Friends/Other Close Relationships: People in the A.L.F.

Favorite Pass-Times/Hobbies: Hunting

Temper: Short fuse, volatile

Ambitions: Reunite with family (previously it was to be the top of the Force)

Philosophy of Life: Walk towards Death and come out holding it by the neck

Who's next?

Name: Mason Baines

Age/Birthday: 23, March 13th

General Physical Description: Deep blue pools, shaggy blonde hair

Hometown: Carson City, Nevada

Type of Home/Neighborhood: Tight knit, religious

Relationship Status: Lost puppy much?

Current Family: Abigail "Abby" Baines (sister), Jason Baines (father), Norma Baines (mother)

Family Background: Politician, rich, well-known

Friends/Other Close Relationships: Zachary "Zach" Tyson (friend)

Religion/Attitude Towards It: Lost/Currently on a break

Ambitions: Be the perfect son

Philosophy of Life: Always do the right thing

And then?

Name: Abigail "Abby" Baines

Age/Birthday: Freshly 19, February 6th

General Physical Description: Icy blue eyes, blonde ringlet curls, sickly

Hometown: Carson City, Nevada

Relationship Status: Secretly? Not-so-secretly pining for a certain rogue A.L.F. officer

Current Family: Mason Baines (brother), Jason Baines (father), Norma Baines (mother)

Friends/Other Close Relationships: Elise "Lacy" Barnett

Religion/Attitude Towards It: Very religious/believes it is her saving grace

Favorite Pass-times/Hobbies: Fantasizing

Ambitions: Happily ever after

Philosophy of Life: God will lead the way

Second to last!

Name: Elise "Lacy" Barnett

Age/Birthday: 21, August 21st

General Physical Description: Plump, bold, black short bob

Hometown: Lakeview, Oregon

Type of Home/Neighborhood: Single parent household; supportive mother

Current Family: Trina Barnett (mother)

Friends/Other Close Relationships: Abby Baines (friend), Zach Tyson (friend), Mason Baines (friend)

Ambitions: Live life to the fullest, without fear

Philosophy of Life: Be your most passionate, creative, honest self

Last but not least!

Name: Zachary "Zach" Tyson

Age/Birthday: 24, October 29th

General Physical Description: Brooding, hooded gaze, buzz cut, tattoos

Hometown: Bridgeport, California

Type of Home/Neighborhood: Abusive

Relationship Status: In a relationship with a girl named Sonya

Current Family: Sonya and the runaways, he's disowned his father

Family Background: Both him and his mother were abused by his father, then when his mother died, he got the brunt of the abuse

Friends/Other Close Relationships: The runaways, but he'll keep it hidden

Favorite Sports: Baseball

Ambitions: Never end up like his father

Philosophy of Life: Everyone has a past self, but that doesn't mean they have to pollute the present

Well there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed the short little bios of the characters from It Starts With Me!

The outline:



General Physical Description:


Type of Home/Neighborhood:

Relationship Status:

Current Family:

Family Background:


Other Close Relationships:

Relationship with Men:

Relationship with Women:


Dress Style:


Attitude Towards Religion:

Favorite Pass-times:


Favorite Sports:

Favorite Foods:

Strong Positive Personality Trait:

Strong Negative Personality Trait:

Sense of Humor:


Consideration for Others:

How Other People See Him/Her:

Opinion of His/Her Self:

Other Traits (Especially Those Brought Out in the Story):


Philosophy of Life:

Most Important Thing About Him/Her:

Will Readers Like or Dislike?:

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