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And So It Begins Sneak Peek!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I figured I'd give a sneak peek into Amity and Sarge's world

post It Starts With Me.

***If you haven't read It Starts With Me, turn back now! Don't say I didn't warn ya!***

I want to start out with a diary entry from Amity for the sequel. This may or may not appear in the final edit, but it definitely gives insight into the direction I'm headed. So here it is:

July 26th

They say anniversaries are the worst. I'm inclined to agree. The feeling pressing down on my chest is just as bad as it was when it all actually happened. The nightmares are even worse. My own failure and guilt are twisted into a sickening concoction of painful memories and tethering fears.

In a few days, it will be one year since I lost Zach. That means Emma's one-year is right around the corner. Writing it out was too painful for a second so I tried to calm myself by looking out the window. As always, Sarge sensed my silent plea for help and pushed his warmth into me, giving me the strength to continue.

I know I need to get this off my chest. Why? The trees on the edge of the property line are all stripped of their bark. I've gone out almost every day to beat the shit out of them----the way Zach would want me to----but it doesn't help. So maybe this will.

There'd been movement through the leaves and I took a moment to watch as Luke made his way into the backyard. He's been a Godsend; hunting for food, finding water. Luke promised to stay with me, and even though we were never meant to stay this long, he's kept his promise.

Mason and Abby needed medical attention as soon as possible. I hope everything went well. I'm sure they are wondering where we are, but I'm having a hard time leaving my mother and Emma behind. Besides, it's comforting to stay in my old house.

Zach once told me that it's okay to take a moment to try and hold on to my humanity, but I think even he would agree that I've been hiding behind the comfort. Spending time in my own house with Luke and Sarge, living off the land, has given me a false sense of normality. It's kept me from fulfilling my promise: to kickstart a rebellion.

They say anniversaries are the worst, but maybe they serve as a reminder, stirring up old emotions, and reigniting the fires that fuel the need to avenge. We must rise up and fight back; I've taken enough time. I won't let the Guardianship get away with it any longer...

Hopefully this opens you up to the raw-ness of Amity's feelings at the start of the sequel!

I also wanted to give a sneak peek to the first couple of songs on the mood playlist! This will hopefully give you an idea of the tone for this novel. It is vastly different from that of It Starts With Me, but I hope it helps get you into a certain mindset!


And So It Begins by Klergy

Like It Starts With Me, the sequel has an opening song to share its namesake. This is meant to set you up for the story to come.

Slip Away (feat. Ruelle) by UNSECRET

You'll be seeing a lot by UNSECRET. I highly recommend you check them out on your own time for sure! I won't give any hints about this song, but it's definitely from Amity's perspective, so do with that what you will!

Start a Riot by BANNERS

This is a favorite of mine and is actually from Luke's perspective when I sit down to write. Hopefully this give you a peek into his psyche a bit more. He's actually a real softy!

Half Light by BANNERS

Again, I can't give too much away but this is a very emotional scene in the book. So close your eyes and let the melody take you away. I wouldn't necessarily say the words are what did it for me, but the tune itself really carried the scene.

Evil Ways (Justice Mix) by Blues Saraceno

This is Luke's song. That is all.

Walls by The Color Morale

This is a pretty disorienting, action-like scene. Try to pull those feelings out as you listen!

So there you have it! This is about a third or so of the playlist, but it should give you a decent idea of the direction and tone of the sequel! It is definitely different than It Starts With Me, but hopefully in a good way!

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek of the It Starts With Me sequel!

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