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This blog post is going to be about Imposter Syndrome.

What is it?

Well. Imposter Syndrome, or Imposter Phenomenon, is when someone struggles with the belief that they deserve the success surrounding them. They oftentimes feel like a fraud in comparison to others. For example: "Oh, my goodness. Look at all these really talented artists here. I don't belong in this group with them."

This is a problem because it makes the individual feel very negatively towards their very well-deserved talents and success.

So why am I talking about it?

My motto of life is to spread information, to bring things into light. I want to talk about topics that most others don't talk about, because the more we talk about something, the more widely known it becomes, and the easier it is to access more information.

Imposter Syndrome can hit anyone at anytime about anything. For me? It's my writing. It's a struggle to decipher whether my doubts are because of Imposter Syndrome, or because I truly don't have what it takes to be that well-known writer. Or maybe it's the anxiety, but that's a whole different level of mental health issues.

For many others out there, they are experiencing similar negative thoughts, whether it be about writing, or about artwork, or about a job.

I've been spending my time getting sucked into the Twitterverse lately, and in my time there, I realized how absolutely wonderful the Writing Community is. Everyone is so kind, and helpful. I've not really come across any internet trolls, though I know they exist. The Writing Community, for me, has honestly been a wonderful place to get lost in. And you know what else I've learned? I'm not alone in my feelings.

So I decided I wanted to write a short piece on Imposter Syndrome, because the truth is, there are a lot of us out here feeling some time of way about our achievements. And I just hope that if you find this blog, you too can see that you are not alone. We're all in the same sea, just trying to work our way up to steadier boats!

If you're interested in discussing anything more, please head over to my Contact page and send me a message! I'd love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day! Cheers!

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